LED wall set design


This is the beginning of a LED wall that we designed and built. Each of the wooden boxes are lined with a LED strip that is individually controlled.


This is a countdown that we programmed on the LED wall, showing its versatility. The wall can be used as a long term set piece. There are an endless amount of new sequences that can be created with the wall.


This is the LED wall in action with an effect running through it. The wall is pixel mapped, along with the strip lights above, to create some amazing effects.

LED Christmas tree


Pixel Mapped Christmas Tree

This project began with a large pile of RGB LED lights, a mile of cable, and many power supplies.



In this image, Half of the controllers/power supplies have been wired to the LED strands and are ready to be hung on the tree.



With all of the lights on the tree, we began programming the timecoded lightshow to Christmas Eve/Sarajevo by Trans Siberian Orchestra. It was programmed on GrandMA2 in two days.